Mornington Grove Community

Welcome to Mornington Grove Community

The community was founded in 1981 to be a stable and secure home. It occupies two large semi-detached Victorian houses, with communal garden, in a quiet road in East London. More than 40 years later the community is still going strong.

Mornington Grove is a city community of up to 14 diverse people. Our main commitments are to communal living and creating an inclusive home, and to working by consensus; the community is vegetarian and non-smoking. Our legal status is as a fully-mutual housing co-op, and we make all decisions by consensus at fortnightly meetings.

Over the years members have varied widely, with trends at times towards music, activism, macrobiotics, psychotherapy, design, various forms of spirituality and more. Now many of us are involved in work, study, campaigning, performing, friends and interests outside the community as well as our lives here. We welcome and value diverse life style and choices.

We're open to new members of all ages who seek to live in and contribute to an active community. Each member takes on responsibilities for co-op, community and household jobs ranging from finances to maintenance and gardening work or organising a summer party. It takes time to join and settle in, and we aim to be fairly stable, so we ask all new members to stay for at least two years.

Please explore our website or get in touch to find out more: we look forward to hearing from you!